Acne Reduction Tips

Acne Reduction Tips……


Hello people 😀

Acne is of great worry to many people in the world, especially teenagers. But the good news is you can atleast control acne and this will eventually help in improving your acne condition.

There are certain tips to keep acne at bay. You might not get a positive response immediately but these tips will definitely stop the acne condition from getting worse.

Some tips for controlling acne are :-

Washing Your Face Regularly


Wash your face regularly with medicated soap and hot water. But do not use very hot water as this might damage your skin.  You can also use antiseptic or keratolytic creams. Your chemist will advise you which cream to use.

Touch Me Not


Do not touch your face with your hands as this might leave more germs on the area affected by acne.

No Squeezing or Picking


Do not squeeze or pick the acne spot or blackheads as this might worsen the condition. It might also lead to permanent scars on your face.

Water Your Body


Drink 8 to 10 glasses of purified water per day as this will keep your skin hydrated. It also helps in removing toxins from your body through urine.

Diet Control


Avoid sweets and fatty foods like chocolates, chips, cheese, nuts, fried food, etc as this might give rise to more acne.


Eat fresh fruits, salads and raw vegetables as this might provide necessary nutrients and vitamins to your skin.

Take Sunlight


Try to get sunlight on your face in short burst but see to it that your skin does not burn. This will provide vitamin D and also help in healing your acne killing the acne germs.

Clean and Short Hair


Keep your hair short and wash it regularly because the dirt of your hair when falls on your face gives rise to germs causing acne. Especially dandruff causes lot of pimples.

Make-up Rules


Use non-greasy make-up as this might not make your skin oily. Oily skin is prone to getting more pimples so keep your face dry without any oily effect on it.

Doctor’s Advise


If acne spots turn into cysts, consult a dermatologist and apply medicines prescribed by the doctor. The doctor may also advise you to take oral medicines for hormonal imbalance or vitamin supplements.

So friends, do not worry if you have acne. Follow the above tips and it will surely help you control your condition. And apart from this, your skin feels great only if you yourself feel happy.

So stay happy, stay glowing. 😀


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