Appetite Loss Remedies

Appetite Loss Remedies……


Hello people 😀

Loss of appetite is a serious problem which needs to be taken care of as this might lead to several illness and loss of vitamins and nutrients from one’s body.

Let us know some reason for loss of appetite.

In Children


  • If a toddler seems to have lost his appetite, he/she may just be growing a bit slowly then before. In such a case, do not force the child to eat. Give him/her as much food as he wants during meal time. Do not give snacks between meals. This will make him/her hungry during meal times.

In Teenagers and Adults


  • Check whether you are getting the recommended daily dose of vitamin B because the B vitamins helps the important enzymes to function.
  • Refrain from taking caffeine in any form like coffee, tea, chocolate and soft because caffeine acts as a hunger suppresant.
  • Try to eat faster as this might beat the brain signal which says that you are full in 20 minutes. But chew your food properly if you are eating fast because if you do not chew your food properly then it might lead to indigestion.
  • Consult the doctor if symptoms persist, as loss of appetite occurs due to some illness as well.
  • Anorexia Nervosa is a serious disorder which occurs in a teenage girl, particularly if periods stop. This requires a doctor’s care as this might also lead to loss of appetite.

In Elderly People


  • At about the age of 65, many people lose some sense of taste and smellich results into loss of appetite. Try stimulating it with variety of strongly flavoured foods like curry or chilli con carne.
  • Change the texture, colour and temperature of your food as this might compensate for the lack of strong flavours.
  • Savour each bite. Chewing slowly and moving the food around in the mouth before swallowing increases contact with the taste buds and also through the back of the mout with smell receptors in the nose.

So people keep eating, keep enjoying. 😀


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