Brown Rice Benefits

Brown Rice Benefits……


Hi friends😀

Today we are going to talk about brown rice. As a staple for half the world’s population, rice forms the basis for most meals, especially in Asia. We all know about white rice and brown rice, but today we will discuss about certain benefits and drawbacks of having brown rice.

Let us first understand what brown rice is. Brown rice is a whole grain rice with only the outer hull removed. It does not go into any further refinement process. Brown rice is what all the forms of white rice looks like before being put through the process of refining. It is also known as rough rice. Brown rice has to be chewed more, is considered more nutritious then white rice and has a nutty flavour.

The advantages of brown rice are :-

  1. Brown Rice has high content of Manganese which helps in synthesizing the body fats and is also beneficial for our nervous and reproductive systems. It provides 80% of the manganese content that we require daily. Manganese helps in the formation of the connective tissues in our body, helps in absorption of calcium, helps in proper functioning of the thyroid gland and sex hormones, regulates blood sugar level and also regulates the fats and carbohydrates metabolism of our body.
  2. Brown Rice is rich in Selenium which helps to reduce the risk of developing cancer, heart diseases and arthritis. Selenium is a mineral found in the soil. It also appears in water and some food naturally. It has high amount of anti-oxidants that protects cells from damage. It also reduces the risk of getting prostate cancer. Selenium is also important for a healthy immune system, for cognitive functioning in the body and fertility for both men and women.
  3. Brown Rice helps in Weight Loss because it has a high fibre content which makes digestion very easy and it also makes your stomach full so that you do not eat more.
  4. Brown Rice is rich in Anti-Oxidants which provides protection to the body against heart problems, eye problems, memory problems, mood disorders and immune system problems. Anti-oxidants are also useful for the skin as it protects the skin from reactive species of oxygen.
  5. Brown Rice is rich in Oils that occur naturally and these are helpful in reducing cholesterol.
  6. Brown Rice is considered a Whole Grain because it has not lost its wholeness due to the refinement process. Whole grains contain lots of fibre, helps in digestion, helps in controlling weight, redistributes body fat, makes your stomach full, regulates the blood sugar level of the body, delivers essential minerals, helps reducing C-reactive protein and also contains resistant starch.
  7. Brown Rice helps in stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels which makes it suitable for those who are suffering from diabetes.
  8. Brown Rice is high in Fibre which plays an essential role in your digestive system, heart and skin health, weight management and controlling of blood sugar.

Though there are many benefits of brown rice, there are some drawbacks as well like :-

  1. Brown Rice take longer time to cook.
  2. Brown Rice contains natural oils which makes it rancid after 6 to 8 months so you cannot store it for a longer period of time.
  3. Brown Rice has less proteins as compared to white rice. So, people who have a high rice diet should think about it as far as their protein requirement is concerned.
  4. Since Brown Rice has high fibre content, it may be a little heavy for people having a weak digestive system.
  5. The taste may seem not so delicious for all those who are habitual in eating white rice.

So guyz, give a try to brown rice and judge for yourself the difference you feel in your body, your digestive system and your taste.

Be healthy, Be happy. 😀


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