Crayons Wall Clock

Crayons Wall Clock……


Hello friends 😀

We all have that creativity inside ourselves to turn something boring into something interesting. I am sure many of you people out there must be having simple wall clocks in your house or your office. Why not turn those boring, mono-tone watches into some colourful piece of art on your wall.

Lets make a ‘Crayons Wall Clock’ by just following the easy steps given below :-

Things You Need

1) Plain, simple, mono-tone wall clock in working condition.


2) Crayons of different colours but of the same sizes.


3) Feviquick to stick the crayons.



1) Take a plain, simple, mono-tone wall clock and clean its surface with a dry cloth to remove any dust particles.

2) Take one crayon.

3) Apply a drop of feviquick on the outer rim of the wall clock and stick the crayon of your choice on the rim.

4) Press the crayon firmly on the rim so that it sticks properly but be careful that the crayon should not break.

5) Repeat the process of sticking the crayons one by one till the entire rim of the clock is covered with crayons.

6) Do not leave gaps between two crayons.


7) Let the glue dry in normal temperatures so that all the crayons are stuck firmly.

8) Once all the crayons have stuck permanently, hang the ‘Crayons Wall Clock’ on the wall of your choice.


Your masterpiece is ready. 😀

Note :- Clean the clock very gently, preferably with a fur material cleaner to prevent the crayons from breaking or falling off from the rim of the clock.


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