Monsoon Side Effects

Monsoon side effects……


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Monsoons are loved by all. Monsoons are very essential to survive because rain water helps in growing crops, helps in reducing the temperatures and giving greenery to the surroundings and also helps in water conservation. Life without water is un-imaginable.

Along with all the benefits, monsoon has certain side effects as well on our skin, hair and health. Therefore, it is very essential to take care of our self in this season. Let us talk about the certain ill effects of monsoon and its remedies in details :-

1) Skin


Effects =

The atmosphere becomes very humid in the monsoon season which allows dust particles to settle on your skin causing stickiness and pimples on your skin. Even the temperatures are reduced causing less sweat therefore creating more toxins in your body. Humidity gives rise to bacterial growth on the skin which causes itching, fungal infections and rashes on your skin. The major areas affected by bacterial infections are underarms, groin areas and between the fingers of your feet especially if you have a habit of wearing shoes for a longer period of time.

The common diseases of skin that occurs in monsoon are scabies, athlete’s foot and eczema. Scabies is caused by  mites that are parasitic in nature. This disease is highly contagious and spreads very quickly. Athlete’s foot is identified by itchy patches on the feet which is caused by a fungi called candida. Eczema is a skin condition that results from inflammation of the dermatitis.


The best ways to prevent such conditions of your skin are :-

  1. Wash your feet, hands and face at regular intervals.
  2. Keep your skin dry, especially your feet.
  3. Change wet clothes immediately.
  4. Use raincoats and umbrellas to prevent yourself from getting wet.
  5. Wear open footwear to let air pass through your feet.
  6. Always wear clean pair of socks and do not wear clothes if they are wet.
  7. Apply moiturizers to prevent your skin from getting rashes and itchiness.
  8. Wear cotton or khadi clothes because they dry easily.
  9. Use talcum powder to prevent itching and rashes.
  10. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  11. Use sunscreen even if the climate is cool.
  12. Do not apply heavy make-up.
  13. Cleanse your skin regularly with soap-free cleansers.
  14. Use anti-bacterial toners and face washes.

2) Hair


Effects =

We all love getting wet in the rain but it can have certain ill effects on your hair. The rains get toxic due to the pollution present in the atmosphere which can damage your hair. Due to the dampness and the moisture in the air, the hair too remains moist which can give rise to hair-fall causing severe hair infections and lice infestation. Humidity causes lot of sweat on the scalp thereby causing dirt to get accumulated on your scalp that leads to dandruff.

Remedies =

  1. Prevent your hair from getting wet in the rain by using raincoats or umbrellas so that they are not affected by the toxins in the rain water.
  2. Keep your hair tied during monsoons but do not keep wet hair tied as this may keep your hairs moist causing dandruff and odour.
  3. Go for a short hair cut if possible to avoid the dirt accumulation.
  4. Wash your hairs in case if they get wet in the rain with mild shampoo and do not forget to apply conditioner.
  5. Keep your hair covered with scarf, cap or helmet while travelling through public transport.
  6. Dry your hairs with a dry towel instead of using hair dryer as this will prevent breakage and tangles.
  7. Hydrate yourself by drinking more water.
  8. Avoid using styling products and styling machines on your hair to prevent your hair from getting damaged.
  9. Apply oil before you shampoo your hairs atleast 3 times a week.
  10. Have proper diet which has high nutritional values for your hair like nuts, green veggies, eggs, salmon, carrots, kidney beans, etc.



Effects =

Common illness that occur during monsoon season are cold, flu, dengue, malaria, cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea, respiratory infection, leptospirosis, etc. Leptospirosis is a very serious disease caused by the bacteria and germs either carried by humans or animals and it can severely damage your kidney, lever, and other parts of the body.

Remedies =

  1. In order to prevent dengue and malaria, you must use insect repellent and keep yourself covered.
  2. You must avoid drinking and eating unclean, unhygienic water and food to prevent yourself from getting infections causing typhoid, jaundice and cholera.
  3. There are many insects like flies and mosquitoes everywhere during rainy season, specially in India so keep you eatables covered at all time and prevent yourself from eating road-side food.
  4. Keep washing your hands before every meal to avoid germs and bacteria from entering your system.
  5. Try to keep yourself away from people suffering from such disease as it may be contagious.

So friends, if you take proper care of your self and take necessary precautions than you do not need to worry at all about the side effects of the monsoon season. Have lots of fun this rainy season and stay protected.


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