Nail Polish Marble Glasses

Nail Polish Marble Glasses……


Hello people 😀

We all love to do things by ourself, especially things in which we can show our creativity.

Today, we will show you how you can use your creativity in painting your glasses in a very easy and quick way using simple things like nail polish.

Let us discuss the items you need and the method to make ‘DIY Nail Polish Marble Glasses’.

Things You Need

1) Tub with water.


2) Flat-bottomed glasses.


3) Nail polishes of your choice.


4) Toothpick to make designs in the water with nail polish.



1) Fill a tub with water. See to it that the water is of room temperature, orelse the nail polish may harden very quickly.

2) Gently pour the nail polish onto the water with alternating colours of your choice. The nail polish should float. It should not sink.


3) Use a toothpick to create designs in the nail polish on the water as you like. Start from the centre and move outwards. Keep this process quick as the nail polish hardens very quickly.

4) Now submerge the bottom of the glass on the design you created on the water with the nail polish, pull it out and let it dry.

5) Repeat the processes 1 to 4 for all the glasses you wish to paint.

6) Check whether the nail polish has dried on all the glasses.


Your ‘DIY Nail Polish Marble Glasses’ are ready. 😀

Note : You may enjoy drinking anything in the glasses you have painted with nail polsih but see to it that you DONOT rub the glasses with a scrubber whilst washing them, as this may spoil the designs on your glasses by removing the nail polish. Wash only with hands.


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