Navratri Tips

Navratri Tips……


Hello folks 😀

Navratri is the festival we all eagerly wait for as we get to wear beautiful ‘chaniya cholis’, antique jewelleries and do ‘garba-dandiya with friends, relatives and even strangers.

It is a favourite festival for youngsters all over India, specially in the state of Gujarat.

Keeping all the fun and entertainment in mind, it is equally important to take care of certain things durings Navratri festival.

New Age Lifestyle is here to give you some tips for Navratri today.

Care for Beauty


It is a must to do waxing, threading, facial and body polishing few days before the festival starts, say before 2-3 days as 3 days are enough to get rid of the rashes, redness or bumps caused due to these beauty treatments.

Keep your Dresses and Accessories Ready


Last minute running for dresses and accessories can give a lot of stress. So it is better to plan in advance what you will wear and which accessories will you match with your outfit.


Navratri is a festival where you want to dress your best, so it is better to be ready in advance.

Control your Diet


Try to have a healthy diet during the festive season. Avoid fried and fatty food. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables and drink lots of juices as this will detoxify your body removing all toxins from the body. This will also give your skin a natural glow.

Go for Colourful Make-up


Navratri is a colourful festival and we all wear beautiful and colourful ‘chaniya-cholis’ and traditional outfits. So you have a lot of options to try colourful make-up as well. Specially you can highlight your eyes with differents colourful shades to give your look a fresh feel. Do not forget to remove your make-up before sleeping as this will protect your skin from getting damaged due to the make-up products.

Avoid Things that do not Suit You


Do not starve yourself to get thin as this will ultimately produce acidity and give you weakness during dancing.


Do not wear high heels as this could later on give you pain and spoil your festive fun. Do not do things just because of the current fashion. Opt for things that suits you as ultimately its you who should feel comfortable and good.

Give your Body some Rest


We get a bit less sleep during the festive seasons as we are awake late in the night and this might give you dark circles and puffy eyes. You can put cucumber or chilled tea bags on your eyelids.


You can also sleep during day time if you are free as lot of dancing can also give you body pain, exertion and tiredness. And sleep is the best possible way to give your body some rest. Exercise and do yoga to keep yourself healthy and fresh this festive season.

Take Care of tour Skin and Hair


Remove your make-up before sleeping regularly with a make-up remover and then wash your face with a scrub and mild face wash as this will remove the dirt and open up clogged pores of your skin on the face. Also apply moisturizer on your body and face to keep them nourished. Drink plenty of water so that your skin and hair stay hydrated.

Wash your hair regularly after dancing as dancing will cause sweat which in turn will make your hair oily and sticky leading to dandruff and other scalp infections.


So friends, prepare yourself for Navratri and dance this festive season forgetting all the worries of life.

Enjoy every moment but at the same time take very good care of yourself and follow these simple, easy tips. 😀


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