Wall Color Schemes

Wall Color Schemes……


Hello friends 😀

Our house shows our personality. It leaves an impression on people about your likings, status and choices. Therefore, it is necessary to have a house which looks good and that is possible when you choose your wall colours and other interior stuff with care and knowledge. Today we will talk about colour schemes that will help you in choosing wall colours more accurately.

Colour combination in the room sets the mood and also helps in creating illusions that are capable of changing room sizes.

Light coloured walls, floorings and ceilings makes a room look larger and more spacious. Whereas, dark coloured walls, floorings and ceilings makes a room feel small, cozier and intimate.

It is often noticed that reds, oranges and yellows bring warmth and blues, greens and purples adds coolness and tranquility in ones mood. To gain some confidence and to enjoy experinmenting with colours, study the colour wheel or spectrum and learn the basic colour terms.

New Age Lifestyle will help you understand the three basic colour terms while choosing your wall colours.

Monochromatic Colour Schemes


Monochromatic colour schemes states that you should use shades of the same colour. They are simplest to experiment and very effective as well.

Related Colour Schemes


Related colour schemes states that you should use colours that are related to each other. For example you can use blue, turquoise and green together or red, orange and yellow together, etc. If more drama is required then add more related colours to the existing ones.

Complementary Colour Schemes


Complementary colour schemes states that you should use colours from the opposite side of the spectrum. For example, you can use red and green together, orange and blue together,etc. They are tricky to balance, so test them first on one wall or in small amounts.

Its fun to choose colours for your walls but it requires good knowledge as well. So try understanding the above schemes and then implement them on your walls.

Fill your house with colours and happiness. 😀


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