How to Prepare A Child for a New Sibling and Avoid Sibling Rivalry

How to prepare a child for a new sibling and avoid sibling rivalry……


Hello all the lovely parents-to-be out there 😀

We all see in our daily life how the child gets excited to welcome a new sibling in the family, how they sometimes get jealous of their siblings, how they try to seek attention from parents when the parents are loving their new siblings.

Here are some tips of how you can prepare a child for the arrival of a new sibling and also tips on how you can avoid sibling rivalry :-

Preparing your child for the arrival of a new sibling

child and new born.jpg

  • Do not announce your pregnancy immediately because the child will expect the baby to arrive at once rather then in 9 months time.
  • Talk about ‘our’ baby, so that the child thinks of the newcomer as belonging to them too.
  • Allow older children to help prepare for the new arrival by choosing names, clothes, etc.
  • Before confronting the child with the new baby, let them welcome their mother. Afterall, they must have missed her.
  • Make a scrapbook of baby pictures cut out from magazines to show your child what babies are like. Include the downside such as images of baby crying,nappy changing (buy nappy pads online on Amazon), etc and also show the nicer side as well.
  • ask your partner to bring in your child to meet the baby soon after his/her birth. Buy a present for your child beforehand so that it might balance all the gifts that relatives and friends will shower on the new born child.

Avoiding Sibling Rivalry


  • After a new baby arrives, give the elder child some private time with you everyday. Use this time to focus on their strengths and accomplishments.
  • Never compare one child with the other and never make favourites.
  • Always be fair. Make them take turns over who decides which TV channel to watch or who will sit at the window seat in the car.
  • To encourage affection between siblings, arrange for them to enjoy things in common, such as building a Lego house (buy Lego house on Amazon) in the garden.
  • Let your children share experiences together as this will help build a friendship that can withstand occasional angry flare ups.
  • Encourage your elder child to use their knowledge and experience to help younger ones and complement their cooperation.

Having siblings is a wonderful gift from God, but parents need to develop a strong relation amongst siblings right from the childhood to have healthy sibling relationships. Its not difficult to do the same. Follow the above steps and you are on the right track.

Stay Happy and Keep Smiling. 😀


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