6 Tips for Travelling in Budget

6 Tips for Travelling in Budget……


Hello travellers 😀

We all like travelling. Especially I just love travelleing and exploring different places and I dream of seeing the whole world one day. But travelling is not a piece of cake these days due to the increasing prices of every item. We all want to travel in budget.

So, are 6 basic steps that might help you to travel in budget :

  • The tourist information office should be able to give you all the information on package deals and discounts on various tickets and events.


  • Cinemas, theaters and museums often sell tickets at a discount on certain days and certain hours, so do as many museums and theaters as you can during those days and hours where there is admission fee. Check local newspapers and magazine listings to find free or inexpensive museums, concerts, walking tours and other such attractions.


  • Avoid restaurants bills by preparing delicious meals from home which lasts longer. Explore local markets, buy breads, fruits and vegetables, and other local delicacies instead of having a meal at an expensive restaurant. Prefer eating in your room or in a park. If you have to eat at a restaurant, make lunch your main meal as its usually cheaper then dinner. Look for popular local cafes. Departmental stores have inexpensive lunch counters so you can eat there rather then wasting money in a restaurant.


  • Pack an immersion heater for making soups and ht drinks. Never touch the mini bar of your hotel room as the prices of the items in the mini bar will be very high.

water heater.jpg

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  • Avoid making telephone calls from your hotel room because they often add exorbitant surcharges. Whenever possible, call only to give your number and let the other person call you back.


  • When shopping abroad, it is often appropriate to bargain with a vendor where there no fixed price. If you are unsure, offer to pay about half the stated price and see how the vendor reacts. Keep your receipts and present them at the airport to claim back the VAT.


So, all you travellers out there, keep these simple tips in your mind when you are travelling and enjoy every bit of your trip without worrying about the expenses.

Keep travelling. Keep exploring. 😀



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