Ear Problems and Solutions

Ear Problems and Solutions……


Hello friends 😀

New Age Lifestyle is here to talk about certain ear problems and give you some quick solutions for the same.

If you have got Something in your Ears…

  • Do not probe it because you may drive the object deeper and damage the eardrum. Seek medical help instead.
  • If an insect has gone inside your ears, put your head on one side and float it out by pouring warm olive or baby oil gently into the ear.

If you have Earache…

  • For temporary relief, take a paracetamol or aspirin and lie with your head raised and your ear resting on a hot water bottle or hot compress. Give children under 12 a liquid painkiller. Keep any fever down with tepid sponging and cool drinks, and remove extra clothing and bedclothes.
  • Call a doctor if your baby is crying continuously and rubbing its earlobe; if the ache is associated with a high fever; if a child is inconsolable despite regular dose of painkiller; if the ache continues after 4 to 8 hours rest; if there is a discharge from the ear; or if the ear ache after flying, diving or a respiratory illness.

If you have Earwax…

    • Never probe your ear canal with anything smaller then a clean fingertip. If wax builds up, lie on your side and put a few drops of warm olive oil in your ears. Drain your ear after 15 minutes. The softened wax should work its way out.

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If there is Ringing in the Ears…

  • Ask your doctor to check for earwax build-up.
  • Eliminate caffeine and aspirin.
  • Avoid loud noises.
  • If the ringing continues for more then a week, visit a doctor.

If there is water in the ear…

  • Gently clap the heel of your hand against the side of your head and tip it to the affected side. The water will drain out naturally.

If you have pierced ears…

  • To prevent infection, swab newly pierced earlobes with surgical spirit twice a day. Apply an over the counter antiseptic ointment with a cotton bug every night.
  • To avoid an allergic reaction, make sure the posts are gold or surgical steel.

Take care of your ears. 😀


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