How to Deal with your Teenagers

How to deal with your teenagers……


Hello friends 😀

Every parent faces their biggest challenge when their children becomes a teenager. Though there is a lot of love between the parents and children, there are misunderstandings when the child becomes a teenager. This happens because of the difference of thinking. Both think they are right and both do not try to understand the mentality of the other.

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Since parents are more mature, we are here to give you some tips on how you can deal with your teenager.

  1. Try to remember your own feelings as a teenager. This will help you in understanding your child’s emotional highs and lows. Do not over react.
  2. Do not take it personally if your child is not willing to talk to you regarding some issue like he/she used to before. Respect the privacy of your child if they need some time alone.
  3. Listen to your child’s opinions seriously. If you disgree, argue back but argue logically and courteously just as you would with another adult. If you dismiss your child’s views, this will ultimately discourage them and harm their confidence in thinking for themself.
  4. Give your child full responsibility in certain areas, say like deciding the appearance of their bedroom. This will boost their morale and also help them in learning how to take decisions.
  5. Avoid comparing your child with another child or with yourself when you were of their age. Never say that the other child is more reasonable at their age or that you were more reasonable when you were your child’s age. Maybe the other child’s parents do not think the same about their child or your parents did not think the same about you.
  6. When an arguments starts, try not to blame your child. Follow your principles but be ready to negotiate and compromise on certain less important topics.
  7. Always praise the good behaviour of your child and admire their achievements. Constant criticising may make your child feel worthless.
  8. All the teenagers wants to be accepted by the members of their age group so do not always critize their friends. Instead, welcome your child’s friends home with a positive attitude.
  9. Talk openly about certain adult topics like alcoholism, drugs and relationships as this will encourage them to come to you if they need help or advice on such matters. This in turn will stop them from going on the wrong path.
  10. If you feel that you are not able to cope up with your teenage child on certain issue then take help of a family friend or a consultant.

Having children is a blessing from God. All we need to know is the way in which we can deal with children to keep the parents-children bond strong.

Be happy. Keep smiling. 😀


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