Solutions for Wall Cracks

Solutions for Wall Cracks……


Hello people πŸ˜€

Wall cracks are a common problem all over the world and this problem needs to be solved to maintain the proper condition of your property.

Here are some solutions you can try to treat wall cracks :-

  1. The most common wall crack appears in the joint between the wall and the ceiling. Most houses move very slightly on their foundations according to the season, as the ground beneath changes its water contents and expands or contracts. This movement becomes evident at weak spots in the house. It is pointless using fillers. The pressures involved just crack or compress them. So hide the crack with a coving, which also forms a decorative feature. The most effective is gypsum plaster coving, which is available from DIY shops and builders’ merchants. Attractive plaster and plastic covings in shorter lengths can be easier to fix if you have no help.
  2. Fine hairline cracks are no problem. Use one of the powder or paste cellulose-based fillers or a tubed interior sealant. The sealants are ideal around door frames, as they can deal better with the vibrations caused by doors being slammed.
  3. To fill a wall crack, rake out all loose and crumbling material with the point of a small trowel. Dust with an old paintbrush, then dampen the crack with clean water if you are using a water-based filler. Keep dry if tubed sealant is used. Take the sealant off the surface when it is dry. Highly sand it smooth to the level of the surrounding surface.
  4. A simple way of hiding large crack is to use a repair tape or mesh. This is very thin self-adhesive, and once in place can be skimmed over with a filler or, in some cases, just painted. The only disadvantage is that there is still a hole behind the repair.
  5. If you find a crack opens alarmingly and shows no signs of closing, check to see if there are similar cracks on the exterior walls. Settlement in some areas can be a real problem, and filling cracks would be a waste of time. Call in a builder, or if you need unbiased free advice, consult your local planning department. Ask them to send a planning officer or your local building control officer to solve the problem.
  6. If walls are in generally poor condition, they can be resurface using plaster-board or timber panelling. These can be stuck directly to the wall with special wallboard adhesive or nailed to timber battens fixed to the wall.

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Hope that the above solutions can be of help to deal with the cracks of your wall.

Have a Happy Home, Be a Happy You. πŸ˜€


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