Eye Problems & Solutions

Eye Problems & Solutions……


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New Age Lifestyle will discuss some common eye problems and its basic solutions to help you deal with these problems without panicking.



A sore lump on the edge of the eyelid is known as a sty. Apply a hot, wet compress several times a day to bring it to a head, then allow it to burst. Avoid squeezing. If it remains for several weeks, see a doctor.

Red Eye


A bright red blotch in thw white of your eye is usually a harmless haemorrhage caused by coughing, choking or rubbing the eye. It should disappear by itself in about a week. If it occurs again soon or if you are bruising easily or experiencing headaches, then see a doctor.

Pink Eye


If one or both of your eyes are red, weepy and sticky, you may have pink eye or conjunctivitis. Apply an over the counter antiseptic eye ointment to the eye, or see your doctor who can prescribe an antibiotic ointment or drops. This disease is contagious so wash your hands immediately before and after touching your eyes and also keep your clothes and towels separate from other members of the family.

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Burned Eyes


If you burn your eyes, wash them out with copious amount of tap water or eye wash immediately. Then ask someone to put moist and preferably sterile pads over your eyes and secure it with a bandage. Then seek medical help right away.

Foreign Bodies in Eyes


Even an infinitesimal foreign object can cause irritation in the eye. If you refrain from rubbing it, your tears may wash the object away.

If the object is on the white of the eye or under the lower lid, irrigate your eye gently with sterile water or clean tap water. Tilt your head and pour from the inner corner of the eye so that the water drains down towards the outer corner and out.

If the object is under the upper eyelid, grasp the lashes with your thumb and forefinger and fold them up over the tip. Remove the object with a sterile cotton bud.

Change in Vision


If all or part of what you see suddenly appears hazy, blurry, wavy or distorted; if you see sudden flashes of light; if you experience a sudden partial or complete loss of vision, then see your doctor without any delay. An urgent treatment is required in such cases.

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