Interior Decoration Tips

Interior Decoration Tips……

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Hello guyz 😀

Do you feel that your room lacks interest or that your walls are too empty? Stamp your personality on them with some of the ideas given below :-

  1. Create a stunning picture with a 4 ft square of abstract printed furnishing fabric stapled to a simple wood frame. A bold printed silk scarf or shawl also works well.


2. Framing kits are an inexpensive, glamorous way to display posters and photographs. Or create your own postcard gallery : a collection of Oriental, Dutch or Impressionist paintings, for example, in matching frames and mounts, makes a dramatic display when grouped together on a wall.


3. Let the room’s use suggest appropriate decorations.

  • In a hallway, you could use hats or canes.


  • In a living room, you can use musical instruments, historic pictures or antique embroidery tools.


  • In the dining room, you can display doilies, baskets or napkin rings.


  • In the kitchen, you can hang decorated pots, spice rack or a shelf of glass preserving jars.


  • You can hang maps to locate places that are in the news in the playroom.


  • You can decorate your child’s room with colorful kites, framed pages from story books, model aeroplanes or stuffed animals.


Decals Design ‘Beautiful Magic Tree with Flowers’ Wall Sticker (PVC Vinyl, 50 cm x 70 cm) (buy online on Amazon)

Hope you like the above ideas and implement them. 😀


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