Home Decor Trends for 2017

Home Decor Trends for 2017……


Hello friends 😀

Home Decor in the past decade, has undergone significant changes, in terms of design, style and method. Instead of following a trend that focuses on luxurious interiors and fancy enteriors, the trend has shifted to utility-meets-sustainability concept.

Some home decor trends for 2017 are us below :

Upholstered Headboard


Not only do they give instant glamore and personality to the bedroom, but also makes the bed very comfortable. They are timeless, charming and extremely stylish. They can be made using cotton, velvet, leather, etc. Pronted fabrics can also be used.

Velvet Power


Associated with luxury, velvet instantly takes the interior of the room to the next level. It adds sofistication and elegance to the room.

Unique Walls


Adding texture to the interiors with cork walls, marbled wallpapers and jute is becoming a rage. They not only bring texture and character to your walls, but are also naturally decorative. They come in unique patterns, styles and colors just like marble wallpapers.

Retro Lighting


Combination of retro and contemporary lighting is prescribed by interior designers in the current trends. It makes the interior of your house stand out.

Green Indoors


Organic materials like wood, straw, bamboo, cellulose insulation and waxes will reappear and so will natural elements like wood and stone. Focus will be given on indoor gardens and terrariums.

So friends follow these latest trending interior designing tips while getting your house done.

Happy You, Happy Home. 😀



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