Wall Colors Based on Personality

Wall Colors Based on Personality……


Hello friends 😀

We often get confused when it comes to choosing wall colors. In the end, we choose the colors we like on the color post card. But do you know that color of the walls can also depict your personality? Do you know the wall colors can play a major role in your day to day mood swings and vibes of the atmosphere?

Lets discuss which colors depict which personality trait.

Colors Depicting “Confidence”

  • Dusky Blue = Has calming effect on one’s mind. Often recommended for bedrooms.

dusky blue

  • Spicy Red = Symbolizes energy, action, courage and confidence. You must however restrict it to only one wall and balance it with neutral colors.


  • Lime Green = Brings vibrant and lively aura to the room. When paired with white, green can add a refreshing touch to any room.


Colors Depicting “Composure”

  • Earthy Green = Soothing and can be used in all rooms. Gives you the feeling of being close to nature. Moss green will make room somber and elegant.


  • Mineral Grey = Depicts formal, conservative and sophisticated charm.

mineral grey.jpg

  • Taupe =  Neutral color which makes room look cozy and traditional. It is earthy and has a relaxing effect on mind.


Colors Depicting “Comfort”

  • Dusted Yellow = Produces a warming effect, spreads cheer and stimulates positive thought. Makes smallest of places pop and grab eyeballs. Perfect for halls, entrances and staircases.


  • Light Pinks = The persuasive and gentle tone conveys compassion and composure. Easy on eyes and makes you feel tranquil. Goes well with beigh and white.

light pink

  • Soft Blue = Commonly associated with sophistication and serenity. Eases your mood, making you comfortable in your space.

soft blue

So friends, next time you wish to color your walls, select them based on your personality.

Happy Home, Happy You. 😀


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  1. InspiresN says:

    interesting post loved it!


  2. anushree612 says:

    Home decor trends is one such new age topic that attracts lot of readers. I really liked the way you have portrayed it!
    Kindly check my blog on fashion https://anushree612.wordpress.com/


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