Homemade Hair Products

Homemade Hair Products……


Hello friends πŸ˜€

If you have tried plenty of hair products available in the market, but are not getting the desired results then here are some homemade hair products which you can make yourself and use it to get best results.

Hair Serum

Coconut Oil + Essential Oil

  • Fill a dropper with coconut oil and empty into a bowl.
  • Using another dropper, mix in five drops of your favourite essential oil for scent and shake well.
  • The serum can remain un-refrigerated on your shelf for years without getting spoilt.

Hair Conditioner

Filtered Water + Fresh Rosemary + Fresh Mint + Apple Cider Vinegar + Lavender Essential Oil

  • Bring 2 cups of filtered water to a boil in a pan and turn off the heat.
  • Add 2 sprigs of rosemary and 2 tsp fresh mint to the boiling water and cover the pan for 30 minutes, allowing the ingredients to infuse with the water.
  • Strain through a fine sieve and let the concoction cool.
  • Add a splash of water to dilute the mixture, along with 2 cups apple cider vinegar and a few drops of lavender essential oil, before letting it cool.

Note : The Acetic Acid in Apple Cider Vinegar is a potent antimicrobial, and can help combat dandruff and hair loss.


Sea Salt + Aloe Vera Gel + Green Tea Bags + Rose Water

  • Dip 3 green tea bags in 250ml boiling hot water, and let it stay overnight.
  • Squeeze out the tea bags and remove.
  • Pour half of the mixture into a pan and bring to a simmering boil.
  • Mix 6 tsp sea salt to the boiling tea, turn off the flame, and stir until all the salt has been dissolved.
  • Let it cool slightly, and add 6 tsp aloe vera gel with 4-5 drops rose water.
  • Stir occasionally as the mixture cools, and pour into a spray bottle.


Apple Cider Vinegar + Hibiscus Tea + Water

  • Pour 500ml apple cider vinegar into a large mason jar.
  • Dip 8 bags of hibiscus tea into the vinegar, and let it sit for a week on a windowsill, exposed to sunlight.
  • Gently shake the jar atleast once daily.
  • Mix 1 tbsp of the mixture with 120ml water for use.
  • Ideally, you should apply the diluted mixture to wet hair and comb through.
  • Let it stay for about 2 minutes before rinsing it off.
  • The lingering ACV scent will disappear as your hair dries.

So friends, try these wonderful hair products by making them yourself and see the difference in your hair. πŸ˜€



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